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In the process of drooling over my iPhone 5, I got the inside line on two new photo apps that I love and want to share… Lightt and Mirrorgram.

Lightt is perhaps THE breakout photo app that splits the difference between photos and video better than I’ve ever seen in mobile, while nailing the best of both worlds. It captures images in 10 frame bursts – a flipbook-like sequence of photos called a “highlight” – and then instantaneously builds a cloud-based visual timeline that’s skimmable from beginning to end and sharable via social tools.

I got previews of this app from Lightt’s president, Pam, under the cover of pre-launch and was quite honestly blown away. (And in truth – Scobleizer was raving to me about it behind closed doors… here he calls it the “app of the YEAR”!) I will say that the new-to-mobile way of looking at images in this photo/video hybrid, plus the simple UI is frickin genius.

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